Ruskin Lace
Elizabeth Prickett



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What is Ruskin Lace?

A  combination of Cut Linen Work, Drawn Thread and Needle Made Lace, worked on to an evenly woven fabric, with very distinctive results

Elizabeth 1934 - 2010

Over the past thirty six years (1970-2006) and having taught in excess of 4500 students I am still learning and enjoying the challenges that an empty pattern area presents.  The pattern components are not hard and fast rules, though the geometric grid is.  As no two workers see in the same way, nor do we all work at the same tension, therefore proportions of the original will differ, so the smaller components can be interchanged.  The exciting part is making the end result technically and aesthetically satisfying as a leisure pursuit.

The purpose of this site is to preserve the traditional characteristics of this needlecraft and to share it with as many like minded as possible.

This is a needlecraft practiced in the English Lake District since 1884. Its origin being unique to the Lake District.

Making the book - 'Ruskin Lace & Linen Work' a ideal gift for the discerning needlecraft person.

Each pattern area which is rectangular in shape and placed with the grain of the fabric, DRAWING  threads in sequence of 'draw two, leave four, draw two', over which a border of four sided stitch is worked, then mounted onto a support material whilst the inside area is CUT away and the cut edge closely bound incorporating a three thread padding cord.  A geometric eight spoke grid is then worked for stability and to support the pattern shapes.

The pattern shapes come in the form of  pyramids, bugs and picots using buttonhole stitch.  Weavings, which are needle woven over three columns.   Bullion knots form the centre of most patterns and the traditional edging, though that is not depicted on the article opposite.




Since retiring from teaching, September 2006 it has become necessary to think about where my work can be placed for the benefit of those interested in Ruskin Lace.  Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham, Nr. Burnley BB12 8UA tel: 01282 773963 e-mail: The home of The Hon. Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth 1886-1967 seems a very fitting place.

The Hon. Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth collection is the largest collection of textiles and needlework in the UK outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  Over twenty items of my work have been welcomed joining the existing collection of Ruskin Lace and is available for party viewing or as a Study Day.  Prior booking well in advance is needed to the above address.

For those interested in Spinning and Weaving of Linen or who remember Penelope Porter.  I inherited in excess of 80 items including her work books when she died June 1996, which is a fantastic wide-ranging collection including Ruskin Lace and other examples of embroidery on her own linen.  Burnley was her home town, therefore very fitting that her work is also deposited there for future reference at Gawthorpe Hall available to those with a like minded interest.  Apply for viewing as above.

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