Step-by-Step DVD

Techniques of Ruskin Lace Making
by Elizabeth Prickett

2 Disc pack with almost 4hrs of tuition.

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Get the Set: Buy the DVD & Book together

This tutorial DVD was a culmination of 36 years of teaching by Elizabeth Prickett.

Elizabeth was always hopeful that the DVD would fill the gap between lace making workshops, for those able to get to them, and allow students to continue with their work at home.

For those unable to reach a workshop, the DVD gives close up demonstrations of 35+ individual processes and patterns, which, along with the book, should enable students to create beautiful Ruskin Lace on their own at home.

The DVD was professionally produced as a two disc pack of 3hrs. 55mins duration with a chapter menu and sub menu which allows the student to move to various stages as needed.

  • Introduction to Ruskin Lace
  • Followed by a breakdown of basic instruction from the new piece of fabric through the many and varied traditional stages to the end result.
  • It has many ‘tips’ along the way to clarify the mystery, using very basic stitches.
  • All viewed from the working position.
  • It finally ends with a brief outline of the origins of Ruskin Lace.

Possibly the greatest asset for the distant worker is seeing how the work is held and how flexible it can be in the working position. This will assist in the search for leathercloth which must be flexible but will not buckle when the pattern area forms a large squares or are long and narrow.

Photos reproduced with kind permission of the late Elizabeth Prickett’s family.

Cost: £18.00 + £5 p&p for UK delivery only

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